i know a trader(chineese) who works with his system(i don`t know what is his system),,,,beleive me, he doesn`t know what is us data or anything about daily news,,,,,,,,,,he is just using that system and make very good money,,,,,,,,he is weak in english also,,once i told him about BOJ intervention then he said what is BOJ(in chat room),,,,,,,,,,,,,,so what i am trying to say is better to leave data and find a good system and try it and adopt it with your need,,,,,,,,,,this is his way of success(we know also last week data was good for us but usd was weakest in the year.

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Large US bank actively buying dollars this morning particularly in EUR-USD and also USD-CHF. Much of the activity focused around stops being hit at 1.1850 and 1.3080 respectively in the pairs. On another note, German bank shares have gone bid on Monday morning after an article in Der Spiegel magazine reported the German finance minister as saying that the domestic banks will have to merge amongst themselves or otherwise they will fall in the hands of foreign predators.

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