found some forex ebooks

all ebooks found by random search in emule.
three ebooks are password protected and if someone can find
the passwords it will be wonderful.
1. Amazingforex
this one is ok & dont need any password.
there are at least 4 full sources.
file size: 631 Kb
format: pdf
language: english
link: ed2k://|file|(Trading)-Forex-Amazing%20Forex%20System.pdf|645859|902A3BD7096DEDB5236195F2FEC96AA8|/

2.Dirk D. du Toit "Bird Watching In Lion Country"
needs a password !
file size: 1.90Mg
language: Eng
Format: Pdf

ed2k://|file|Bird%20watching%20in%20Lio ... 4A0E61E2|/

3.RapidForex two EBooks
two books of rapidforex.
the only problem is they password protected !
they are in exe format & archieved in UPX format.
if anyone can post here the passwords it'll be great
first book size: 6.71 Mg
seconed book size: 4.90 Mg
links :
ed2k://|file|Rapidforex%20Sp%20v100A.ex ... 4D8E08B9|/

ed2k://|file|Rapidforex%20Sccp%20v100B. ... 7HX3CJFJ|/

i hope someone will post here the passwords.
enjoy :vo!:
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