Уважаемые диллеры и трэйдеры! Я Рекрутер компании Brai-source international, у одного из наших клиентов есть очень интересное предложение. им нужен такой человек:JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Purpose:
(What is the main function of the job and reporting line)
To meet the market and serve customer needs through profitable FX and MM dealing.
To manage derivatives initiatives in the country, by building solid pipeline and its execution.

Key Responsibilities:
(Describe the main activities the job-holder will perform)

• To sell FX and MM products directly to the big customers;

• To develop new treasury products;

• To learn and follow the bank’s policies and regulations;

• To develop good relationship with the top customers;

• To develop MM/FX management skills;

• To develop the skills of B/S management;

• To provide support to treasurer on day-to-day basis;

Person Specification
(What knowledge or experience of the role or the industry does the individual need, e.g. relevant work experience, industry and/or product knowledge)
• Good knowledge of customers and their needs
• Good understanding of current CB regulations and market practices
• Not less than 3 years of relevant experience Skills:
(What specific technical skills does the individual need and at what level, e.g. specific IT/spreadsheet/analytical/modeling skills)
• Strong mathematic/ analytical skills
• Sales skills
(What academic/professional qualifications/registrations does the individual need – if relevant)
• Knowledge of Ukrainian, English and Russian
• Bachelor / master degree
• Strong English Competencies
(What competency skills sets does the individual need e.g. organizational skills, planning, resilience, motivation, teamwork, verbal communication skills etc)
• Strong teamwork player
• Highly disciplined
• Strong communication skills

предложение интересное как по финансам так и по соц пакету и дальнейшей перспективе работы в этом банке!
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